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Our firm is one of the top bankruptcy law firms in Utah.

Are you facing financial difficulties in Salt Lake City?
Do you have questions about whether bankruptcy might be the right choice at this time?

Diaz & Larsen is dedicated to providing each client with superior legal representation and financial advice in a cost-effective manner. This is just one reason we are considered the best bankruptcy law firm in Utah.


The best way to think about bankruptcy is to view it as an opportunity to start over.

But when you start over, you need to be vigilant about being financially responsible in your new life after bankruptcy.

In general, there is no limitation on your future ability to own or acquire real or personal property. To make sure you are adequately represented in your bankruptcy, choose Diaz & Larsen, Utah’s best bankruptcy law firm.

Timothy J Larsen


Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from a few of our satisfied clients.


Andres Diaz

With over 25 years of legal experience in bankruptcy matters, Andres Diaz currently focuses exclusively on representing individual and business debtors in bankruptcy actions.

Mr. Diaz began his legal career representing creditors. In particular, Mr. Diaz was instrumental in developing, filing, and confirming numerous creditor plans of reorganization in Chapter 11 bankruptcies. This unique experience representing creditors ensures he can better represent his current clients by anticipating the creditors’ arguments and strategies during bankruptcy proceedings.

Timothy J. Larsen

Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Larsen has specialized in debtor representation in bankruptcy cases under Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Mr. Larsen has also been instrumental in bankruptcy practice and works in all areas of bankruptcy, including Chapter 11 filings, plans of reorganization, and adversary proceedings.

Mr. Larsen is a member of the Utah State Bar (since 2004), Federal Bar for the United States District of Utah (since 2004).